What is the POWER!SERVICE® System?

POWER!SERVICE® is a comprehensive system designed to provide a range of critical skills, tools, and processes vital to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It addresses the requisite strategy, execution, and management actions necessary to outperform competitors. 

POWER!SERVICE® has been developed based on extensive research into the best practices of companies we describe as Service Profit Chain Leaders. 

System Elements

The POWER!SERVICE® System provides a path to advance the Strategy; Leadership; Process; Culture and Measurement activities associated with linking employees, customers and profits. There are three elements that are described below: The Learning System, POWER!SERVICE® Assessments and Performance Support Tools.

POWER!SERVICE® at Irving Oil


“We had a tremendous boost in employee engagement. We had significant increases in customer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend scores. It was a pleasure working with SPCI. I highly recommend them.”


Harry Hadiaris, 

Former GM, Irving Oil Ltd.

Learning System

Executive Alignment


Executive Alignment helps senior leadership teams understand the implications of competing on service as a strategy, rather than as a program. This 1 to 2-day workshop explores the business strategy of Service Profit Chain Leaders and critical elements that must be in place to realize a significant, and sustainable competitive advantage while also aligning  the executive team around their role in leading the change effort.

Service Delivery System


The Service Delivery System 1-day workshop addresses the architecture required to deliver an experience that consistently exceeds customer expectations. Capacity Management, Service Standards, Fail- Safe Methods and Queuing Strategies are just a few of the operational processes introduced during the program.



 POWER!SERVICE® Coaching is a full-day workshop that introduces coaching tools and techniques. It is a relevant, useful, and engaging experience that explores the value and dimensions of the TAKE 3 Cycle of Service and the coach’s role in supporting, encouraging and recognizing high performance by service providers.



 POWER!SERVICE® Skills focuses on implementing exceptional service as a way of life for an organization through defined behaviors. During this 1-day workshop, frontline performers learn and practice the TAKE 3 Cycle of Service that ensure the application of top box service behaviors when they return back to the job.



For clients interested in delivering POWER!SERVICE® Skills remotely, our e-learning option includes  four, 45-minute  online modules. The E-Learning version is an interactive learning experience that explores top box service behaviors -- and the frontline employee’s role and responsibilities in delivering them. 

Customer Experience City


The Customer Experience City simulation plunges participants into a three-round event in which they experience the clear distinction between what it means to MEET, NOT MEET, or EXCEED expectations, and the impact these experiences have on customer lifetime value.  Watch the video below to witness the impact from this experience first hand

Customer Experience City at AT&T

Watch this brief video of how our large-scale live simulation Customer Experience City prepared managers from across AT&T to understand the explicit links in the Service Profit Chain.

POWER!SERVICE® Assessments

POWER!SERVICE® Readiness Assessment


This assessment asks executives, managers and frontline employees to rate the extent to which their organization demonstrates a number of practices associated with high-performing companies from our research.

Service Delivery System Onsite Assessment


During this 5-day onsite assessment, SPCI consultants conduct a deep dive analysis of the service processes and behaviors that are contributing to both strong and poor performance. The final report provides specific recommendations to improve both short and long term Service Delivery System processes.

Performance Support Tools

High Performing Manager 360 Feedback


The POWER!SERVICE® 360 Degree Manager’s Feedback Report is based on a database of practices associated with leading a high performing customer facing operating unit. The report includes nine sections to help the manager identify priorities for individual development.

Manager's Toolkit


 At the center of Service Profit Chain Leader's success is a virtuous, self-reinforcing set of actions we call the Cycle of Capability. The Manager's Toolkit addresses the steps Service Profit Chain leaders demonstrate every day to drive a learning relationship between employees and customers. Each of these steps and related tools and tactics inspire customer and employee ownership that create, competitive advantage.