About Us

A Rich Heritage

Born out of the Service Management faculty of the Harvard Business School, the Service Profit Chain Institute stands on the shoulders of landmark research conducted by Professors James Heskett, Leonard Schlesinger and W. Earl Sasser Jr.. Our Boston-based consulting firm has helped dozens of companies bring the Service Profit Chain to life in their organizations and achieve significant, sustained performance improvement. 

Our Mission

To help our clients achieve sustainable results by linking employees, customers and profits.   

What Makes Us Different?

Our clients tell us we are distinguished by three things:

  1. We don't just promise results, we structure our work to deliver them reliably so your investment is returned in months not years.
  2. We apply proven methods that are measurable and most importantly, customized to fit your operating model and company culture.
  3. We treat each project as an opportunity to exceed our clients' expectations, and through that process, create leadership development opportunities for every project team member.

Deciding to implement Service Profit Chain concepts is obviously not taken lightly. It requires a commitment in both time and resources. 

We respect the choice that management has made to pursue such a strategy and work tirelessly to bring the promise of the Service Profit Chain to life in every engagement.

Partial List of Clients