Manage the Culture Cycle – James Heskett – The World Financial Review – September / October 2011 Download the Article


“Jim Heskett’s is the essential handbook for today’s organizations that care about their people and are determined that theirs is an organization of the future.”

– Frances Hesselbein, President & CEO, Leader to Leader Institute (formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management)

“In his extraordinary book, Jim Heskett has nailed it. He explains the essential value and nature of organizational culture. In the vast world of management ‘how to’ books, this one needs to move to the top of any leader’s list.”

– William J. Bratton, Chairman, Kroll; and former Police Commissioner of Boston, New York, and LA

“Jim Heskett blends learnings from his stellar academic career with new research in this wise, beautifully written book about the most important determinant of organizational success – culture.”

– Leonard Berry, Distinguished Professor, Marketing, Texas A&M University; and coauthor, Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic

“Not only a call for action, this book provides a thoughtful perspective on how best to challenge the performance hurdles managers face in today’s competitive market place. In a very compelling way, it makes the case for culture being a primary driver for success.”

– Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO, ING Direct; and coauthor, The Orange Code

“The Culture Cycle defines and highlights the attributes of culture through numerous examples. It identifies a series of metrics that are meaningful proxies for seeing the impact of culture in an organization (the “Four Rs’). It is an excellent read for leaders of organizations small or large, non-profit or for-profit.”

– John P. Morgridge, Chairman Emeritus, Cisco Systems

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