Employee Experience Design

This program offers a powerful process for understanding who a company’s target employee should be, and how to attract and retain happy, motivated employees who will deliver exceptional customer service embodying their company’s unique Brand Promise.

Regardless of how much technology a company may employ to improve the consistency and efficiency of the customer experience, the thing that makes customer service really memorable is an employee that creates a positive, emotional outcome for a customer. Understanding what attracts, and then keeps the right employees is central to any company interested in achieving breakthrough value. It starts with the employee value equation, the elements that characterize the value exchange between organizations and their employees.

The Service Profit Chain Institute follows a proven 7-step process to identify and validate the key drivers of employee satisfaction, motivation, engagement and loyalty for critical customer-facing and front-line management roles. As a result, our clients are able to target the right employees and create an environment that will ensure they’ll stay.

  1. Identify employee expectations through focus groups
  2. Develop quantitative survey
  3. Sample part-time and full-time frontline staff and managers
  4. Statistically analyze results
  5. Identify loyalty drivers for part-time and full-time frontline staff and managers
  6. Identify improvement priorities to the employee experience
  7. Construct an Employee Loyalty Index


A qualitative focus group process provides a rich set of drivers to test with a larger group of employees from different full time and part time roles. We identify the most significant antecedents of employee satisfaction and commitment. Quantitative research ensures that focus group findings are validated based on a reliable sample from each employee group. This analysis helps our clients avoid investing in recruiting and development programs that have minimal or no impact on building front line capability to serve customers.

Secondly, the critical relationship between front line managers and employees is understood in terms of both areas for development, as well as the most effective strategies for improvement. As a result, changes to HR systems will have fast and tangible impact on employee, manager and customer commitment.

Employee loyalty drivers are also compared to the drivers of customer loyalty to test for relationships between these variables.

SPCI’s Employee Experience Research provides the following outcomes:

  • What employees expect and value from their manager and employer
  • How well the company is doing against employee and manager expectations
  • What drives employee and manager behavior and loyalty
  • Whether different drivers affect different employee and manager groups
  • Where the biggest gaps reside in meeting employee and manager expectations
  • Where a company should focus improvement efforts to attract and retain target employees


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