Customer Experience City

This two hour live simulation designed for large management or employee teams is the perfect introduction to the core concepts of the Service Profit Chain.


After a brief introduction, participants enter into three rounds of role plays across 22 “businesses” to experience firsthand what it means to truly delight customers…and what it costs when you don’t. Throughout the immersion, “employees” and “customers” vote electronically to rate and discuss their experiences. Participants learn about:

  • The Customer Delight Principle for consistently exceeding customer expectations and the balance required to ensure customers don’t fall over the ‘Cliff of Dissatisfaction’.
  • How the Net Promoter® Score can be used to measure the quality of both the customer and the employee experience, and
  • Service Recovery principles to use when things go wrong.

The “Customer Experience City” simulation plunges participants into a three-round event in which they experience firsthand the clear distinction between what it means to MEET, NOT MEET, or EXCEED customer expectations, and the impact these customer experiences have on lifetime customer value. Participants role play either a customer or an employee in three clever scenarios designed to be not only a fun and engaging start to a program, but also convey several key learning points about consistently exceeding customer expectations.


Example Scenario

ROUND ONE: You and a business colleague are on a business trip from Atlanta and your plane has just landed. You are at bag claim, and the last suitcases from your flight are circling the carousel. Yours is not there. You go to the baggage claim attendant of your airline and explain that your bag is missing. You are frustrated because a late connection made the flight an hour late and the paperwork for your meeting is in the missing suitcase. You still need to check in at your hotel, and meet a business client for dinner…

ROUND TWO: You arrive at the front desk of your hotel earlier than the check-in time. You are frustrated with the day’s events and explain that your luggage was lost by the airline and that you need to get to a business dinner soon.

ROUND THREE: You arrive at the restaurant slightly late to meet your business client. The hostess escorts you to your table. The waiter immediately asks you what you’d like to order, and you tell him you need more time. The waiter comes back almost immediately and interrupts an important conversation you are having with your client. When you finally do order, they are out of your first choice item…


The Service Profit Chain Instructional Design team can create customized, live customer experience simulations for 12 to 350+ participants that enable them to immerse in a highly engaging learning experience designed to reveal certain principles of employee and customer ownership.

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