Designing the Customer Experience

This two-day program helps senior and mid-level managers improve their customers’ experience and develop Service Blueprints for their customer service teams. Managers are introduced to the core concepts of customer experience mapping and the design principles for improving the customer experience.


Module 1: Ice Breaker and Introduction

After a brief introduction, participants go through a role-play where they play either a customer or an employee. Each scenario demonstrates one of four service interactions: one that exceeds expectations, one that meets expectations, one that does not meet expectations but recovers, or one that does not meet expectations and does not recover. This serves as both a fun and engaging start to the program but also services to convey several key learning points about customer experience design. After the immersion, the learning objectives and key take-aways are covered, as well as the 5-step process for improving the customer experience.


Module 2: Mapping the Current Customer Experience

Participants learn a new tool for mapping the current customer experience and apply it to their business. Participants then map a common experience using a set of criteria regarding the drivers of customer loyalty. They study the emotional needs of the customer and specific areas of chronic problems or opportunities to delight the customer.


Module 3: Improving the Customer Experience

Participants discover the Seven Principles for Improving the Customer Experience, and then apply them to their own business.


Module 4: Service Blueprinting

Participants explore a new tool — the Service Blueprint, a method for mapping the detailed elements of the experience such as customer actions, onstage contact, backstage contact, measures and standards, support processes, and physical elements. Using the new tool, participants work in teams to apply the Service Blueprinting tool to incorporate the enhancements to the customer experience based on their improvement ideas.


Module 5: Conclusion and Final Presentations

Teams present their completed Service Blueprints and receive feedback from their fellow participants. The facilitator wraps up the session with final comments.


Free Tools and Assessments

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