Building Leadership Capability

SPCI’s Building Leadership Capability is a set of three training programs that bring the ideas and concepts of The Ownership Quotient into the classroom.

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The three solutions in this powerful set ensure strategic alignment, high employee engagement, and an improved customer experience that surprises and delights customers at every touch point. The training programs target three levels of leadership and include the following:


What are the Building Leadership Capability programs about?

This leadership series offers breakthrough solutions for innovating or improving the overall customer experience by focusing on specific components. A breakdown of the business benefits each training program delivers is reflected in the diagram below.

Who are these training programs for?

Building Leadership Capability meets the need of executives, senior managers, and GMs responsible for directing resources and leading business units.


What benefits do these training programs deliver?

This leadership development series enables senior leaders to align strategies and systems as well as to improve the skills and knowledge of managers in creating tangible improvement to the customer experience.

All three programs apply to leaders who are focusing their improvement efforts on activities that add measurable value to customers. Providing specific tools and techniques targeted to the different levels of top management as well as consistent skills and knowledge across the board enable companies to take comprehensive action to improve and increase business.


What makes the Building Leadership Capability series different?

  • Research-based: All of the tools and concepts taught and delivered in this training program are based on both recent academic and industry research as well as the best practices of leading service organizations that have achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty in their respective industries.
  • Comprehensive: Building Leadership Capability addresses key dimensions of world-class service delivery, starting with strategy and culture, all the way through to customer experience design and engaging employees in delivering on that experience.
  • Integrated: Our approach ensures that solutions for improving the customer experience are aligned with any organization’s measurement and HR systems.
  • Flexible Learning Design: The system is easily customized to the client’s own unique business principles and cultural values.


What results have the Building Leadership Capability programs achieved?

As companies worldwide continually adjust to evolving business, economic, and market conditions, there remains one constant: the undeniable power of exceptional customer service. Service as a differentiator has stood trial over and over again. It’s the one ingredient that proves its timeless value in creating loyal customers, committed employees, and organizational success.

These Leadership Solutions focus on the critical elements found in high-performing organizations, that leaders must bring to life in their own businesses, to provide the vision and strategic alignment that will surprise and delight their customers in the ways they value most.


What is the Service Profit Chain?

Building Leadership Capability is composed of three major components implemented across the three top levels of leadership.

Each of the interactive workshops is led by a Service Profit Chain Institute certified instructor. The workshop leaders’ vast experience in leading change, combined with compelling videos, case studies, and tools bring the strategies and principles of the Service Profit Chain to life.


Achieving Breakthrough Value – Senior Leaders

This two-day training program provides senior managers with tools and concepts to make tangible improvements to the customer and employee experience. Key takeaways include:

  • Best practices for leading organizations achieving superior business results by applying Service Profit Chain concepts;
  • Strategies for creating a culture required to sustain long term success;
  • Techniques for developing an operating strategy designed to create superior value for customers and employees that is leveraged over operating costs; and,
  • Ways to lead effective service profit change.

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Driving Loyalty

This experiential two-day program provides senior managers with tools and design principles to dramatically improve employee engagement and motivation and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Designing the Customer Experience

This one-day program helps senior to mid-level managers improve the customer experience and develop Service Blueprints for the work units. Managers are introduced to the core concepts of customer experience mapping and the design principles for improving the customer experience.

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The Service Profit Chain Institute’s leadership programs have proven results. Read how our leadership training and development programs have benefited some leading businesses.

Read Building Leadership Capability case studies.


Free Tools and Assessments

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