Capabilities overview

Building Leadership Capability

The Service Profit Chain Institute’s leadership development and training team has worked with leading companies to align the actions and behaviors of senior leaders and managers toward delivering a Branded Customer Experience that improves customer service, satisfaction and loyalty and leads to increased sales and revenue for their business. Although most of our solutions are customized for each client, content is often drawn from these three core management development programs:

  • Achieving Breakthrough Value – Senior Leaders: This two-day leadership training program uses a variety of case studies and tools to provide senior leaders with the core concepts that underpin the Service Profit Chain and help them craft a plan for implementation in their business units.
  • Driving Loyalty – Senior Managers: This large-scale, (70 to 400 participants) two-day training program for Senior Managers provide participants with the specific business case showing how focusing on delighting customers generates improved revenue and profitability. Senior Managers also learn about the key principles and tools for innovating the customer experience to drive greater loyalty and engagement from both employees and customers.
  • Designing the Customer Experience – Managers: This two-day customer service training program provides operational managers with the detailed method and tools for Service Blueprinting to manage the customer experience on a day to day basis for delivering a consistent customer experience that delights target customers.

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Results driven consulting

SPCI provides a range of consulting services that bring the Service Profit Chain to life inside an organization. From research-based assessments to a comprehensive transformational organizational change process, clients can choose the solution that meets their specific needs.

  • Assessments and diagnostics: Thirteen different assessment tools from a full organization audit to individual manager 360 degree feedback.
  • Service Profit Chain Management System™ implementation: A seven step organizational change process to implement the Service Profit Chain as a management system for operating the company.
  • Customer Experience Design: A targeted five-step consulting engagement for re-designing the current customer experience based on proven research-based principles from behavior science.
  • Employee Experience Design: A powerful process for understanding who a company’s target employee should be, and how to attract and retain happy, motivated employees who will deliver exceptional customer service embodying their company’s unique Brand Promise.
  • Voice of the Customer/NPS® Best Practice implementation: Understanding how to constantly listen to customers and then take targeted action becomes more complex as a company grows. SPCI helps our clients design customer listening and closed loop management processes based on the best customer service practices of companies that deliver a world class customer experience.
  • Business Scorecard development: Aligning the organization to a clear strategy of competitive advantage is one thing. Measuring the success of this organizational change is another. This process ensures that strategy is aligned to operational actions by establishing a set of balanced goals and measures that define success for the organization, help predict performance and inform management on both operational and structural improvements.

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Innovative learning solutions

SPCI’s innovative learning solutions are designed to increase customer satisfaction and employee motivation for any business. We harness a variety of learning and performance support tools and channels to create blended learning solutions that achieve significant results.

  • Customer Experience City: This two hour live simulation designed for large management or employee teams is the perfect introduction to the core concepts of the Service Profit Chain.
  • POWER!SERVICE™ System: This comprehensive customer service experience system is based on our research from writing The Ownership Quotient. We identified the practices of Service Profit Chain Leaders; companies that could identify a clear relationship between employees, customers and profits – and pulled together what distinguished their success into a Service Management System for consistently exceeding customer expectations in ways that drive extreme customer loyalty and ownership.
  • The F.I.R.S.T. Method™ for Innovation and Continuous Improvement: Service Profit Chain Leaders understand that staying competitive requires constant improvement and innovation. The F.I.R.S.T. Method™ is the only solution that brings together a company’s innovation and continuous improvement efforts under one roof. This learning system integrates easily with innovation software such as the BrightIdea platform to harness the collective power of employees and customers to drive improved performance.

Trademark Information:

  • Net Promoter Score, Net Promoter and NPS are trademarks of Bain & Company, Satmetrix Systems and Fred Reichheld.
  • POWER!SERVICE™, Service Profit Chain Management System™, The F.I.R.S.T. Method™ are registered trademarks of the Service Profit Chain Institute.


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Free Tools and Assessments

This web-based self-assessment is based on a sub-set of the Best Practices of leading Service Profit Chain companies. Assessment results will be produced immediately upon completion. MORE


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Hundreds of large organizations around the world have used the groundbreaking Service Profit Chain to improve business performance. Now The Ownership Quotient reveals the next generation of the chain: customer and employee "owners"
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