Jon Mickelson

Senior Associate

Mr. Mickelson provides consulting in both the private and public sector for advanced data analysis and interpretation.

He has provided consulting services for companies such as Lotus Corporation, Deloitte & Touche, Gillette, Microsoft, Equitable National Operations Center, Forum Corp, TAP Pharmaceuticals Inc, Irving Oil, Wachovia, Sun Trust Bank, and Hemsley Fraser.

Analyses have included survey instrument validation, model validation, determining predictors and drivers of successful outcomes, revealing primary factors underlying response data, analyzing employee promotion patterns for evidence of bias in promotion policies, and developing influence benchmarks for a national database.

Analyses involved statistical modeling techniques such as linear and logistic regression, principal components and factor analysis, structural equation modeling, and data mining analytics such as decision trees (rule induction), neural networks, association rules and sequence detection.

Mr. Mickelson received training in psychometrics, data analysis and evaluation from the University of Iowa’s Lindquist Center for Measurement and Harvard University. He has worked extensively developing psychometric assessments, determining the reliability and validity of psychometric measures.

From 2003 to 2008 Mr. Mickelson joined and then headed the Providence Public Schools Office of Research, Assessment, and Evaluation where he developed an extensive system of interim assessments monitoring the progress of student achievement of curriculum learning standards.

From 2009-2010 he was Co-Director for a project funded by the David Lynch Foundation teaching staff and students in public schools innovative techniques for improving learning/teaching and stress reduction as well as coordinating the project’s research component.

Most recently Mr. Mickelson has been involved in developing and validating assessments used by the VA Administration and developing models to improve customer response in the banking industry.

Mr. Mickelson resides in Central Massachusetts.

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